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Martha Shirk

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10/24/23 08:34 PM #2    


Richard Weber


I was high-school sweethearts with Shelley Bedell.  I found out that Shelley died in 1988 at the extremely young age of 36.  Even though I was (and am still) happily married to someone else, learning that Shelley had died at this young age really knocked the wind out of me.

Shelley was so full of life, so happy, kind, considerate, intelligent, and beautiful, that I got quite depressed over this tragic loss.  I decided to see if I could find out how she died (by a disease, health condition, car accident, etc.), and also I wanted to see if she ever got married, had any kids, and what career path she eventually chose.

However, I could find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Shelley.  It is like she never existed.  She was an only child so she has no siblings to contact, her parents have both died, and I don’t remember the name of the one cousin she had.

I would like to ask if anyone who knew Shelley could reach out to me (on this message board, or or 610-308-3346) so I might be able to find out a small bit of information about Shelley’s life.  If you didn’t know Shelley, but know someone who did, I would very much appreciate it you could reach out to that person and show them this message.

Any assistance you can provide in this endeavor would be sincerely and greatly appreciated.  As you might be able to tell by this very unusual request — even though it has been an incredibly long time — Shelley meant a great deal to me.

May she Rest in Peace.

Thank you so much.

Rich Weber


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